Approaching Pink Stage in Apples

May 06, 2014.

We have decided to hold off on peach pruning again because we have begun to see live flower buds developing on some of the varieties.  This is great but we want to be sure of the viability of these buds before we make any pruning decisions.  Early Japanese plums are beginning to bloom.  The incoming warm, moist air is very conducive to brown rot infections; therefore, we will apply a fungicide for this prior to the rains.  As things warm up insect activity will be a concern for us in the stone fruits because we always seem to have tarnished plant bugs to deal with just prior to flowering.

Apple and pear scab potential will be very high with the approaching moist, warm weather.  We will apply preventive fungicides for today and tomorrow.  Powdery mildew becomes another issue at this time as well.  As we approach the pink stage in apples, insects can become a concern.  We look at tarnished plant bug and rosy apple aphids  in particular to see if potential problems warrant any control measures.  Most years we do not have insect problems at pink but every year is different so it is worth looking at the trees to determine whether a problem exists.

We want to get oil sprays on at this time also to control mites in the stone fruits and apples but we cannot apply oil within 24-48 hours of a frost which is likely tomorrow morning apparently.  When oil is applied near frost, leaf damage and fruit russeting can result.

We will try to get our new raspberries planted today.  Should be decent soil conditions to plant.


brown rot (

mites (

tarnished plant bugs (

Powdery mildew (

rosy apple aphids (

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